Huna Flying

What is Huna Flying?

Sonja streckt die Arme aus

"Flying" is an essential part of any Lomi Lomi Nui treatment. In the beginning of the ritual the Lomi practitioner tunes him/herself in to the Lomi treatment and to the person to be treated by "flying" for a couple of minutes to the sound of Hawaiian music. Arms and legs are moved in the form of the number 8, the sign for infinity. It’s a continuously flowing movement in which we draw on our own power and on the abundant power of the universe and pass it on, while centering on our own core. Thus, the flying person gets aware of him/herself, of the surroundings, of the here and now. A feeling of intensity and endurance arises. Experiences of happiness, unity and new strength can emerge. The joy and passion resulting from the flying exercise supports the dedication of the practitioner when he/she starts touching the body and soul of the receiver.

What is the background of Huna Flying?

Sonja überkreuzt die Arme

Originally "flying" was a component of the comprehensive training of the Kahunas (Huna masters) and the Polynesian navigators, which included other meditative movements, martial arts, and hula dance. An old saying of the navigators was: "Stars come, stars go, islands come, islands go, I am the center of the universe."

The navigators thought that for a safe navigation it was most important to find your inner core. The use of the best navigation tools only makes sense if one understands the path of the winds and waves and the taste of the sea out of one’s inner balance. Thus they found the right way across the seas.

By practicing "flying", the body and soul are brought into balance and harmony and start flowing. Practicing for a longer period of time may expand consciousness. The movements are compared with those of the frigate bird, which can fly far across the ocean with just little wing beats.

"Flying" is felt with the whole heart; it takes the flyer along; a wave is created which continues throughout the universe.

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