Flying Hands

Why "Flying Hands"?

Flying Hands

The first exotic form of treatment I learned was Lomi Lomi Nui, also known as Hawaiian Temple Massage. In this treatment Huna Flying is an important part of the ritual. It’s about the idea that "giver" and "receiver" fly to paradise together, where the treatment takes place. Then the hands begin to fly over and on the body, accompanied by Hawaiian music.

In the Sound Massage, the "Flying Hands" are helpful to put the bowls gently on the body and to strike them or to move them in the aura.

"Flying Lovely Hula Hands"

I love to perform - alone, in two or with up to six "Hula Sistahs" - at private events (eg birthday party or wedding). If you're interested, please contact me by email or phone (0699-1942 4297).

In addition, I teach Hula in five different VHS (adult education centers) and on request individually or in a small group, if you can inspire some friends (also men!). Here you can find the current dates for workshops and courses.

Click here to view some photos and here for sample videos.

Whose hands are these?

Portrait of Sonja

These hands belong to Sonja Gabriel, born in Vienna, Austria, in 1966, under the sign of Cancer, ascendent Libra, mother of two wonderful young adult sons.

Training in Lomi Lomi Nui and Thai Yoga with Klemens Reinisch (Schloss-Schule, Austria). Training in Sound Massage with Peter Hess (Germany) and Peter Nezval (Vienna).

Various self-awareness and personality training seminars, such as: Gordon Family Training, Clarity Process, Vipassana Meditation and other techniques.

For many years exploration of different cultures, languages (English, French, Italian, Greek, Russian, at the moment Hawaiian), philosophies and religions. I consider myself a Buddhist.

A conscious and healthy, vegetarian food is very important to me. I’m dedicated to protecting the environment and live my life accordingly. So, I don’t have a car, but I’m a pragmatic biker (report in "Biker in Austria", no. 6/2008).

I love playing instruments (at the moment ukulele), dancing (currently mainly hula) and photography (see photos on picasa).

I am interested in communication and human expression in all its facets: language(s), music, pictures, literature, dance, theater and touching each other.