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Dr. Michelle HAINTZ, Nov 05, 2012

DEAR Sonja, I LOVE to get massages, I LOVE the lomi, but I especially LOVE your lomi ! this is certainly also due to the resonance between us, which makes our conversations so life-enhancing, but I think it is mainly due to your LOVE which you allow to flow through your hands ... to lead your hands ... I've already enjoyed many Lomis with you and I'm looking forward to any further ones! to lie on your massage-table and to feel your LOVING hands, allows me to perceive my body in a new and very conscious way and ... yes, indeed, even to LOVE it. ;-) and today I thought: to be spoiled by you with a lomi, makes life on this planet more worth living! and more WORTH LOVING... thank you, that you are there! thank you, that I have found you! you're one of my few XING pearls;-) michelle

Robert B., Mar 01, 2012

At first I was somewhat skeptical: Lots of oil, intensive contact, unfamiliar sounds... How would that be like? It was wonderful! Sonjas appreciative attitude and senitive hands made the Lomi Lomi Nui massage a great and very deep experience. Even days later, the body and soul remembered with joy how they had been spoiled. Thank you, Sonja!

Sandra Peham, Mar 31, 2011

I think you are great, and I enjoy being together with people who are authentic and full of wit, just like you! All the best for you and your doing. Aloha, Sandra

Barbara, Oct 27, 2010

Well ... it's hard to put into words something that you just found INDESCRIBABLY beautiful. However, when I read in your guest book that people even fly in from Switzerland for a Lomi with you, I can now fully understand that and I'm utterly enthusiastic!

Christian, Oct 27, 2010

Dear Sonja, I would also like to thank you this way - completely publicly - for your great treatment! Your affectionate Aloha Spirit is supported by sound knowledge and gave me a marvelous feeling of well-being. In addition, your surroundings are highly professional and I hope that I can recommend your wonderful services often. Thank you!