Kahi Loa

Kahi Loa - never heard. What's that?

Lomi Lomi Nui and Pohaku Wai Ola Kahi Loa is another form of Hawaiian energy work which formerly was performed bei the kahunas, i.e. the shamans, the guardians of the huna knowledge.

Gently flowing river in Hawaii

„Kahi Loa“ can be translated by „special touching“ or also „floating movement“. In a Kahi Loa treatment my hands touch your body with the energy of seven different elements of nature and support it in coming back into its balance.

The treatment is accompanied by Hawaiian music and effectuated in comfortable clothes. It lasts about 60 minutes.

Which elements are used and what are their functions?

The first three elements take away what does not belong to us:

  • The warming and strengthening fire (ahi) burns the rough parts.
  • With the flowing element water (wai), which is responsable for the feelings, blockades are smoothly rinsed out of the body.
  • Finally the wind (makani) blows away everything which does not belong to us and is still there.

Lacking energies are replanished with the following three elements:

  • The stones (pohaku) include ancient wisdom and are used mainly beacuse of their healing powers.
  • The (medical) plants (la’au) have nourishing and also healing effects.
  • The animals (holoholona) remind us human beings of our natural instincts and adaptability.

By the touch of the last element, the one of man (kanaka) a balance is restored and you are attended and supported in your human being by integrating the previous elements.

Altogether Kahi Loa has a balancing effect: calming or vitalizing, depending on what is lacking or present in an excessive measure.

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